Hi, I’m Jackie Lane. In many ways, I am what you may be—a  daughter, mother, wife, sister, student.

I am a playful, ever-present, insanely in-love mom to two boys and the wife lover to the most fascinating person I’ve ever met.

I am a passionate online marketer with a focus on the evolving worlds of content, search and social marketing. I am the Director of Marketing for a small tech-savvy online marketing company.

I teach a challenging hot yoga class, with a deep, meditative tone. My goal is to enable students to get lost in the flow of breath and movement, to continuously open and soften, finding a new place of self awareness and strength.

My own practice helps me find calm focus and grace in the business world, in my relationships and as a mother.

I am wildly imperfect and strive daily to embrace these imperfections on a cellular level. I love to sit after each class I teach and get to know students in the room. Our stories are different, but the same.


In the summer of 2015, I completed my 200-hour Hot Yoga Teaching Certification at YogaSource Los Gatos, and my 100-hour Sequencing, Philosophy and Flow Certification in 2017; I am currently working toward my 500-hour, including a mentorship and Ayurvedic training.


instagram – @jackielaneb

facebook – JackieLaneBates

twitter – @jackielane

~ I n s t a g r a m R e e l ~

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