I am a playful, ever-present, insanely in-love mom to two boys and the wife lover to the most fascinating person I’ve ever met. Our family loves adventuring and, true to this claim, we have migrated up and down the U.S. east + west coasts. Last year, we moved from the Bay Area (San Jose) to San Diego.

I am a passionate yoga instructor and student; my commitment in this craft is to cultivate compassion and awareness. Through teaching, I invite students to immerse in the flow of breath and movement and to nurture calmness within when things get hot and hard on the outside. This practice transcends the mat, empowering the practitioner to fully immerse in the dance of this wild, beautiful life.

My classes hold space for graceful, intentional movement where students can get lost in flow, gain insights from the body’s intelligence and feel joyful. Through teaching, I love to empower students to become skillful masters of their own bodies and build a sustainable and fulfilling yoga practice.

My own practice helps me cultivate calm focus and grace in the business world, in my relationships and as a mother. My practice empowers me to embody my beliefs.

I am also a passionate online marketer with a focus on the evolving worlds of content, search and social marketing.

300-hour RYT / In the summer of 2015, I completed my 200-hour Hot Yoga Teaching Certification [Anatomy, Kinesiology, Philosophy] at YogaSource Los Gatos, and my 100-hour Sequencing, Philosophy and Flow Certification in 2017; I am trained in (and ever curious about) Ayurvedic teachings.


instagram – @jackielaneb

facebook – JackieLaneBates

twitter – @jackielane

~ I n s t a g r a m R e e l ~

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